How to keep fans coming back for more

If you're looking for inspiration to take your website to the next level, check out this article in the New York times about Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan's combination of quirky folk pop and web marketing savvy has generated legions of fans around the world. Most of his grassroots marketing is based around his website, The first thing you'll notice about Jonathan's site is that it is pure content. There is almost no design elements to speak of. Yet, he has created a site that fans come back to over and over. The main focus of the site is his blog, which he contributes to at least once a week. When he started out, he made a goal of posting a new song per week to download. Also, he welcomes fan-generated content and posts it in a special section of his site -- even asking fans to contribute guitar parts for his songs and putting the clips up for a vote. Writing blog posts and contributing to your site is hard work, but in time it can pay off with repeat visitors, as Jonathan proves. What can you post on your site today that would make your fans come back?
Posted by Chris on 05/30/2007 | 20 comments

music player updated

Hi everyone, We've completely changed the core of the site wide music player. Though it still looks the same, it is much more stable and should eliminate the skipping and buffering problems we had in the past. In addition, the "shuffle" feature has been reactivated (in the OPTIONS tab of the player). Let us know if you have any questions or problems with it.
Posted by Chris on 05/14/2007 | 39 comments