New stats system is live!

The new stats system is live! You can see the reports by clicking the "new stats system" link in your site traffic tab. The change has resulted in a lot of questions, and I hope to respond to many here. If you have more questions or concerns, please contact me via the HELP tab; I can address your concerns faster one-to-one rather than in the forum.

What's new?
A lot! First, the new system uses Google's servers to track your stats. They have thousands of servers that analyze your traffic and filter out non-human visitors. This results in very accurate reports, which has been a huge problem for us in the past. We're happy to say that it is completely resolved with this update!

Next, we added a lot more detail to the reports. The "map" link lets you show music plays and downloads on a Google map, so you can see where people are digging your tunes. There are new graphs showing partial plays, skips, and downloads. These let you see what tracks are really popular, not just what was at the front of your playlist. If you click a track, you can drill down for even more detail. Also, instead of just showing monthly reports, you now have the flexibility to choose any date range you like.

Finally, everything is a whole lot faster. Reports, even in really popular sites, load in a second or two. And, once we turn off the old stats system in May, your site will load faster. Google's servers are much quicker than ours in logging data, making each page load faster than before.

Great but… where is the visit log?
This was one feature that we could not port over. However, in the old system, many of these "visitors" were actually automated software. The old system couldn't filter these out as accurately as Google can. We had to decide between accuracy, speed, and more powerful reporting tools -- or inaccurate results, slow reports, but retaining the visit log. We decided that accuracy is the most important thing, and that even though we will be losing that feature, we can make it up by adding more detail like mapping downloads, showing skips and partial plays, and tons more.

If you want even detail, you can visit m/analytics. That site has industrial level reporting, including the most popular paths through your site, exit pages, and more. For stats junkies, you will find amazing detail on this site that I believe will more than replace the visit log. With the code embedded in your pages, you can see the summaries in the control panel or visit the Google Analytics site for the whole shebang.

Again, we appreciate your feedback, please contact us in the HELP tab if you have any questions!

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Update from the ASCAP music conference in Los Angeles

Allison and I are having a great time meeting artists and Bandzoogle members at our booth at the ASCAP conference in Los Angeles. If you're in the area, we'll be doing a meetup at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel bar today (Saturday) at 5PM. Drinks are on us!

Zoogle member Glitter Rose

YouTube phenomenon Tay Zonday

Ludacris interviews Quincy Jones

Bandzoogler Todd Michaelsen

Todd Michaelsen on stage at a showcase. Amazing tunes.


Bandzoogler Roy Turner

Asking John Mayer "How did it feel before playing at Madison Square Garden" - "I felt like I had to poop. Nerves are nature's laxatives."

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Sneak peak at the new "reports" feature

Hey everyone,

We're putting the final polish on the new site traffic section, which we now call "Reports". Colin rebuilt the whole system from the ground up, giving you a ton more detail than what you have now. At the same time, the reports display this information in a way that is easier to understand.

Here are a few screenshots to get an idea:

A whole new music report page has been added. Tracks in your music player now have graphs showing you plays, skips, and partial plays. This lets you know what songs your fans are really listening to, and which they skip over. You also have the flexibility to view the plays, downloads and purchases from the last 30 days, the last year, or any date range you choose.

The new map view lets you see activity like music plays and purchases purchases by location. It also shows more popular areas as larger bubbles, so it's easy to see top cities at a glance.

We're excited to get this new feature launched, and are working hard to get it done in the coming week. We'll post here when it is ready!

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Meet the Zoogle team in L.A. next week!

Allison and I will be at the ASCAP Expo conference from the 22nd to the 24th, at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Some amazing panelists will be speaking including Quincy Jones, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Bill Withers, Jason Mraz, and dozens more. If you're looking to get insights from the world's top songwriters on the creative process, this is the place to be. Use the promo code "Bandzoogle" to get a discount on your tickets.

We'll have a table promo'ing Bandzoogle, and handing out Zoogle schwag including some snazzy new Bandzoogle T's.

I'll also be on a panel at 1:45PM on Saturday called "Your fans are your business" with Brian from ArtistShare, Noah from Fanbridge, Patrick from Nimbit, and musician Jill Sobule. It will be an information-packed hour on how to grow your fanbase and use direct-to-fan marketing effectively.

If you're in the area but aren't attending the Expo, we're working on an informal meetup at the hotel bar. Drinks are on us! Send me an email at chris at, or on twitter @bandzoogle or on our Facebook page and we'll get it organized.

Looking forward to meeting some Zooglers!

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New style added!

Based on your feedback, here is a new set of site styles brought to you by our resident designer Nick. More to come!
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