7 things all band sites should have

Your Music
Obvious, yes, but there are several options. First, do you want music to play right when you hit your site? If so, add tracks to the SITE WIDE MUSIC PLAYER. Next, decide if you want to make music downloadable (either paid or for free). Add these using the ALBUM DOWNLOAD feature.

A way to contact you
A MAIL FORM is the best option. If you just put your email address on the page as text, spammers will find it and spam you (the mail form has anti-spam protection). If you choose to put a phone number or address, remember that anything you post will be in the public domain, and can be saved somewhere. Do you really want fans to know where you live?

A list of events
The EVENTS feature makes this easy. For each show, make sure to put the full venue address, showtime (when does the show start, and when is your set?), cost, and age (all ages, 18+, 21+?).

A bio/press kit
Using a TEXT feature explain who you are, your background, and your sound. If you want to get into print media, add a link to a downloadable press kit containing hi-res photos. Check the HELP section for more info on this.

A news page/blog
Keeping updated content is the key to getting repeat visitors. Your front page is the best place for this. Blog posts don't have to be major news. Smaller, weekly posting is better than large articles every few months.

Mailing list signup form
Your mailing list is the best way to keep in touch with fans. Have the signup form on the front page, or better still, at the bottom of every page.

A way for fans to interact
A guestbook or forum lets you build a fan community on your site. They also help create return visits, because fans that post will come back to check who replied.

Posted by Chris on 04/29/2008 | 11 comments

YouTube video feature added

That's right, it's now easier to upload your videos. The new YouTube feature lets you easily add YouTube videos, and it pauses the music player when played.
Posted by Stacey on 04/21/2008 | 22 comments

New page layout system

We've updated the system to give you more flexibility in the content area of your pages. The biggest improvement is that we removed the limit on how many features you can have on a page. Also, the layouts are more flexible so you can have a combination of content in a column or full width format.

This update alters some sections of the control panel. For example, there is no more "layout" tab over each page in EDIT PAGES. You can move features beside or over any existing page features, so you don't need to choose from a preset layout. Also, you'll notice the photo gallery feature limits you to one gallery per feature, where before you could add multiple galleries to each individual feature.

Because this change affected a lot of features, there may be some small bugs to iron out. If you notice anything, please contact us via the HELP tab of your control panel for the fastest resolution.

One last thing to note; though you now CAN put a lot of features on a single page, it is still a good idea to divide up your pages into their major functions, rather than grouping things on a single page. For example, a Forum or Store should really be on their own page. This makes things easier for your visitors to find.

Let us know what you think in the community!

Posted by Chris on 04/10/2008 | 23 comments

mailing list interface updates

Just a small update to note: we revised the interface of the mailing list. For those of you with large lists, you will find it a lot easier to manage and group your members. More mailing list updates are in the works, including customizable input forms (so you can store city/state/zipcode). We'll post again when this is ready!
Posted by Chris on 04/03/2008 | 9 comments