Beat the bounce!

Having a mailing list is one of the most important parts of being a successful musician. Maintaining a mailing list, however, can be a real nightmare, especially if your mailing list is full of old email addresses that no longer work (or never did). Each time you send out an email to an invalid address, you get an email back, a "bounce", containing some sort of cryptic error message. If you have a large mailing list, you can get a few hundred of these bounces back after a single mailing (that's a lot to have to delete from your inbox)! In the interest of reducing wear on your delete finger (and your sanity), we are now intercepting all bounce emails from your mailing lists. Each time we receive a bounce from someone on your mailing list, we flag that member as "bouncing". If you click on the "members" tab in your control panel, you'll see a notice if you have any bouncing members, giving you the option to either fix the email address or to just go ahead and delete the member. In other news, we've also freshened up the look of your blog feature based on your requests. Among other things, your blog should look better when used in a narrow layout area, and displays a more sensible number of posts for you active bloggers. It's also fully RSS-enabled, so if your readers are blog-savvy, they'll be notified whenever you post a new entry. Have a great weekend!
Posted on 04/27/2007 | 32 comments

"Powered by Bandzoogle" removed from mailinglist, cleaned-up on site

Unless you're a Pro Plan member, you've undoubtedly noticed a "Powered by Bandzoogle" message at the bottom of your mailinglist emails and below certain features on your website, such as the guestbook and forum. Some members have complained that this text makes their site look less professional, and in some cases the mailinglist footer has caused emails to be marked as spam. In light of this, we've removed all "powered by" messages from mailinglist emails and made them a lot less obtrusive on your website. Instead of appearing in the middle of your page below your forum and guestbook, you'll have a small image at the far bottom right of your page. As an added bonus, if you are signed up for our referral plan, your referral code will be added to the link automatically. That means that if anyone clicks on the "Powered by Bandzoogle" logo on your site and signs up for a Bandzoogle account, you'll be credited for it. If you are a Pro Plan member, you don't have any "Powered by" messages anywhere on your site. If you'd like to get referral credits you can always add referral banners anywhere on your site by pasting the code from from the "Referrals" section of your Account page.
Posted by Chris on 04/20/2007 | 27 comments