Password protection added to guestbook

You can find the option to make your guestbook "members-only" on your guestbook page.
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Password protected pages added!

You can now make any page "members only". This works great for special e-team pages, or giving out extra content to your best fans. To turn this on, click the page in the left menu, then click "members only" at the bottom of the page.

This and the other new members features are still being tested. Let us know if you run into any problems!

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Group function added to members

You can now group your members and send mails just so specfic groups. Guestbook password protection is being tested now, and will be added tomorrow...
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New features launching on Monday!

We have completely changed the way mailing list members are stored on your site.

In the short term (i.e by Monday), your mailing list members will be "members" of your site. You will be have the option to make pages and features like the guestbook "members-only". You'll also be able to collect more information for your mailing list, including full name and address.

In the next 2 months, our goal is to make each of your sites a real "community"... like a mini Members of your site can have complete profiles with photos of themselves. You'll be able to see who's logged on, chat, and let other members know who's coming to your next show. Members will also get extra privileges like the ability to upload photos to your site and more. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

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Mailing list under construction

Some of you might be aware of this already, but the mailing list is going through some changes. As a result, the mailing list feature has been disabled temporarily. It will be back up by 9pm (EST). We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Merging mailing list and e-team

We're getting the system ready for major upgrades over the next few weeks. The first step is we are merging the e-team and mailing list dbases. All the e-team content will be stored in an expanded "members" section.

For some periods today and tomorrow, the e-team and mailing list may not be available in your control panel. We will post more details as we progress with the update.

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New advanced text editor!

We've added a new text editor to the control panel. It has many requested features including:
  • new file manager! You can now link to media files, images and pages. Images are stored so you don't have to upload them for multiple pages.
  • spell check! The first time you use this feature, you'll need to download a 2MEG dictionary file.
  • quicker startup time
  • Advanced link feature lets you open pages in pop-up windows, or automatically open an email.
  • Mozilla and Netscape support. (Still no MAC support though, sorry!)
  • more advanced options for all features like tables, links and images.
  • many other updates including a better "paste from word", double click support and more.
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Expanded members features coming soon!

We're finishing up two much requested features right now:
  • password protection for pages and guestbooks
  • more options for mailing list members (like city/zip code)
We'll post again when they are ready to go, should be early next week!
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