New feature: link pages

Eli just added a long requested feature: you can now make buttons or submenu items link directly to external websites. This is an easy way to link to your MySpace site, for example, right from your main menu.

You'll find this new feature by clicking "Add Page" in the EDIT tab.

Posted by Chris on 03/29/2010 | 7 comments

Musician marketing tips from Dave Kusek

Some great musician marketing tips (and a plug for Bandzoogle!) in Dave Kusek's guest post at Hypebot. Dave is the VP of Berklee Music's online program, and co-invented MIDI, among other accomplishments.

Check it out.

Posted by Chris on 03/23/2010 | 10 comments

New stats system coming April 15th

You may have noticed in the Site Traffic tab, that we are planning a switch to a new more powerful system based on Google Analytics. We initially planned for a March 15 launch, but have pushed that back to April 15 to give everyone time to run through the setup. If you haven't already done so, it is important to go to the Site Traffic tab and run through the 60 second setup process in order to prepare for the upgrade. We're moving to this new system for a few reasons. First, it will filter out all the false/spam visits that are being recorded now. Seeing a lot of hits from the Ukraine? Chances are (unless you are in Ukrainian Idol) that is automated software visiting your site. The new stats system uses the power of Google to filter these false visits out of your stats. Second, it will give you much more detail on your site's visitors. Want to see what tracks are being skipped, or played in full? We'll show that. Want to map all your store purchases, mailing list signups, or downloads? No problem. Third, it will speed up your site. By moving the slowest part of your page (recording the visitor) onto Google's ultra- fast servers, your site will display faster to all your fans. Some members have expressed concern with what Google might do with your traffic data. We did consider this before making the switch. Google has proven to be a very open, and responsible company when it comes to personal data. They have a clear and direct privacy policy that explains what they do with your data. Google is the industry standard when it comes to website traffic; to give you the most powerful reporting we decided that it is the best system to go with. Keep in mind, Google will just be powering the tracking of visitors in the background. You'll be able to see the stats just like you always do, in your control panel. So, if you haven't setup your account, please do so by visiting the Site Traffic tab. Questions about the new system? Contact us directly in the help section and we'd be happy to give you more details
Posted by Chris on 03/19/2010 | 23 comments

YouTube looking for musicians

YouTube just announced what sounds like a great opportunity for artists to make some additional money. Their new Musicians Wanted program allows selected artists to upload their videos to a section of YouTube that will let them sell their music and add tour dates to an enhanced YouTube page. They also get a generous piece of the advertising generated on a monthly basis.

The catch is that you need to be selected by YouTube, and have an especially engaging video. Need some inspiration? Check out OK Go's first video, produced on a shoestring budget, which has made over 50 Million plays to date.

Good luck and let the videos roll….

Posted by Allison on 03/17/2010 | 9 comments

Playing Shows to Give Back to your Community

For most musicians, making money is the top priority when gigging, but there are times when it’s just good to use your talent to give back.

One way to do this is to organize a benefit concert or fundraising jam session. Whether you charge a cover at the door, or accept donations in a guitar case, make sure to promote the event in such a way that everyone attending knows that proceeds will be going to { Charity/Organization }.

One person making a difference in this area is Zoogle member, Adam Churchwell (Founder of TUN Records). He has arranged a touring show called The Interdependent Music Sessions, which are a unique live meets online concert experience. Fans at home, as well as those in attendance will be able to interact with each other, as well as the performers. The 2-week long sessions will take performers, as well as the online viewers, to Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Murfreesboro, and 5 other cities along the east coast. You can read more about it here: Interdependent Music Sessions

Way to go Adam!! We’d love to hear of any other members participating in something similar, so if anyone else has done or is planning to do this type of charity concert, please post below.
Posted by Allison on 03/11/2010 | 22 comments