Member logins extended to 7 days

Small update for those of you that use the members function on your website; now your visitors will stay logged in for 7 days at a time without having to log in again. A few zooglers had issues with their members having to log in so often, so this should correct that.
Posted by Chris on 03/25/2009 | 16 comments

5 Twitter tips for Musicians

In a world of fast food, high speed and instant fixes, Twitter is definitely the way to go to interact with your fans and industry contacts. At first it seems kinda dumb to tell folks what you’re doing all day, but spend a little time there and you’ll see why it’s worth sticking around.
  • Connect with industry gurus . ‘Follow’ people like Bob Baker (, Ariel Hyatt ( and Artists House Music ( These are all well known industry giants who continuously Tweet (individual posts) articles, blogs, info, etc. on the latest and greatest in music today. Spend even 15 minutes each day reading their posts and you will keep yourself in the biz loop.
  • Be personal but avoid TMI. The standard rule is to Tweet at least 3 times a day and answer the question…. “what are you doing now?” This gives you the opportunity to let fans in on your daily life and all the rockstar things you do. It’s good to let them in on the details, but too much personal information may come back to bite you, so keep it light.
  • Everything in moderation. Just like anything new, it’s tempting to spend a good chunk of your day tweeting ads for your band/solo act but try to resist just a little. Nobody wants to see 20 tweets in a row about your new CD or the gig of the century you are playing in two days. That type of tweeting is considered spammy and will get you removed from not only your followers lists, but possibly from Twitter itself. When it comes to promoting, less is more as long as you get creative and make your tweets stand out.
  • Tweet questions or ideas that engage your followers to reply to your tweet. The goal is to make new connections and strengthen the ones you already have by short and simple blurbs of text spread out throughout your day. Get creative and tweet….say band trivia for prizes or maybe a contest to win tickets to your gig for the first 10 replies to a tweet.
  • Consistency is key. The main objective is to let people know you are there, you have something cool to say and you have something even greater to offer.

The first step is to create a Twitter account at:

Then follow us at

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Blog Sync + more mailing list options

Dave just rolled out a couple new features today. First, the blog feature can now display external feeds. This is handy if you have a blog outside of Bandzoogle (like MySpace or Wordpress) and want to keep your website up to date at the same time. It looks for updates every 10 minutes, so once you set it up, it always shows the latest content. You can find this in the "external feeds" section in the blog feature. Next, we added an option to the mailing list so that you can choose what page visitors hit after confirmation. This works great if you want to give away a free track or other promotion for signing up to your list. Just add a page "not in menu", add a music feature to it, and then choose that as the landing page for the mailing list. You can find this in the mailing list options tab. In other development news, we're just about done a major overhaul to the template system. It will be faster to use, and allow us to give you much more control over your designs. We'll post more news about this soon!
Posted by Chris on 03/20/2009 | 14 comments