blog interview

I was just interviewed by a local tech blog. If you're interested in reading about Bandzoogle's history, you can check it out here:
Posted by Chris on 03/22/2007 | 27 comments

Moving to Amazon S3

Hi everyone! We've been pretty quiet in the community lately, because we've been knee-deep in a major update of the internal Bandzoogle system. This update is a necessary first step in creating "Bandzoogle 2.0" -- a more flexible and feature rich version of our system including customizable templates, flash elements, and a new music player. Changes to the "guts" of Bandzoogle are usually not newsworthy because they are transparent to our members. This time though, there is an update I'd like to share with you. We will be moving your media files to Amazon S3 in the next few weeks. This new service lets us "rent" Amazon's amazing technology infrastructure -- the same servers that run What this means for you is that your music and video will be streaming from one of the fastest, most reliable technology platforms in the world! You won't have to do anything to take advantage of this change -- we will be transitioning your files to Amazon over the next few weeks. An additional benefit of moving your media files there is that our servers can be dedicated just to serving your pages, without the load of streaming music. This will speed up the loading time of all of your pages. Thanks again for all your support during this update. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly ( or add a post here.
Posted by Chris on 03/07/2007 | 55 comments

Account section redesign

We've put our heads together for the past few weeks and done a complete redesign on the account section of your control panel. We tried to make it so that you can find and modify your account settings quickly and easily. You can now sign up, make payments, and change account plans with an easy 3-step process, avoiding the confusion that sometimes arose in our old system. While we were at it, we totally rewrote our payment processing system so that we will eventually be able to offer direct credit card payments without going through PayPal. Let us know if we left anything out, or if you notice any problems.
Posted on 02/28/2007 | 15 comments