We've just added a BETA version of the form builder. This feature lets you build your own forms (with textboxes, checkboxes, etc) whose contents get mailed to an addresss you choose. Its perfect for those people who want more than the simple mail form, or even if you need something more complex like an online application form.

Its still being tested, but you can try fooling around with it if you like!

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PRO PLAN stats now include CITY

Pro plan members now have a breakdown of visitors by city, in addition to country.
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Update complete!

Overall sizes for pages are 60% smaller, so your site is not 60% faster to load up! Also, we've optimized the code behind the graphics builder so you'll notice operations that involve building graphics (i.e adding a page, changing a header, etc) to be MUCH faster.
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Control panel update tomorrow

We're finalizing some control panel changes tomorrow, and will need to disable the control panel from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. As usual, if there are any urgent changes to make, you can email them to us (an address will be posted tomorrow).
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Site traffic reports are now archived

Previously, new months would overwrite old reports. From now on, all every month will be archived for your reference. Because we switched servers, the log files were "broken" for March. You can find the report leading up to the move by clicking the "archive" link.
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Stats will resume tomorrow

We have started logging traffic to your site on the new server as of this morning. The first report with the new data will be available tomorrow morning. You may notice no hits on the 5th and 6th... this is because your site was being moved and traffic stats were not recorded during this period.
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More space for all members!

As a thank you for dealing the website "quirks" that arose from the server upgrade, we're giving all members more storage space!
  • Lite Plan members now have 75MEG (up from 50)
  • Standard plans have 150 MEG (up from 100)
  • Pro plans have 600MEG (up from 500).

Thanks again for all your patience during the move, and please let us know if you still have any issues with your site...


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Debugging server move

If you find any problems with your site, please fill out a help request and we will resolve them right away.
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Moving stats

traffic reports are currently not available, but will be online later today....
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Control panel going offline for 2 hours...

From 2:30 - 4:30 eastern time, we will be taking the control panel offline.
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