New mailing list system + widgets!

Some big updates to the mailing list were just added. First off, we added flash based widgets that you can paste on any website to collect mailing list members. They fit great in an external blog or in your MySpace page. Second, we revamped the way we collect location information. The new system works with Zip/Postal codes so they are much more accurate that the old region list we had. This will let us do things like send mailouts within 100 miles of a city, for example. Finally, the mailing list form now asks visitors if they want to receive notifications to their cell phone. We'll be implementing cell-friendly messaging to the mailing list soon, so you can start collecting their info now. Look for an improved sending interface next week so that you can take advantage of this new member information. Let us know what you think!
Posted by Chris on 02/27/2009 | 136 comments

A new take on "pay what you want"

Josh Freese, former drummer for Nine Inch Nails has come up with an innovative take on "pay what you want". For $7, you can download his new album. For $50, you get the album and a "thank you" phone call. For $1,000 you get the album and he'll come over to do your laundry. The entire list is hilarious and worth reading, check it out here.

This was partially a publicity stunt, but the idea of having multiple price points is a good one. Businesses do this all the time -- it's called merchandising.

Instead of just selling a CD, can you throw in something unique to add value for your fans? How about an acoustic track recorded just for them, a CD-R of studio outtakes, or even a living room concert for different price points? Some "out of the box" thinking can help you create a product that is exciting for your fans, and get them even closer to your music.

Posted by Chris on 02/23/2009 | 15 comments

5 Tips for Gaining Local Venue Love

These tips will surely get the venue owners inviting you back again and again:

  1. Ask the venue for their logo and add it to a page on your website that links to their website.
  2. If the venue is a club or restaurant ask them what their specialty dish or signature drink is and let them know you will be offering your fans a free gift or download for anyone who purchases this item on the night of your show. If you opt to give a free download, have the wait staff hand out a card with the 'secret word' on it to email you to get the free download sent to them.
  3. After you perform, write a positive blog review of the venue and link it to their website. Be specific and describe the details of your experience performing and/or eating there. (Only do this if you really do have a positive experience)
  4. Always send the venue contact a handwritten thank you card the day after you perform. It sets you apart from the rest.
  5. If possible, try to visit the venue as a customer besides the day of your performance. Support other bands/artists who perform there as well.
Posted by Allison on 02/20/2009 | 28 comments