How to Make a Digital Press Kit for your Band

Today it's almost more important that your Press Kit is available in digital format than hard copy. Press kits are a vital component in communicating your band's music, history, and image and branding to potential scouts, booking agents, A&R reps, music venues, newspaper editors and even music industry bloggers. Keif's previous article on this topic ("What's in a Press Kit") is a great basis for structure, and can be found in the Help section. There are MANY resources available online for what to put in a press kit. In excerpt from his book, Michael Po,(best known for managing the Smashing Pumpkins), talks frankly about creating your Press Kit around what you are trying to accomplish - whether you are already in the spotlight or trying to get there.

Now I'll explain how to make your Press Kit digital, and how to make it available for downloading on your Bandzoogle website. If you already have a hard copy of your Press Kit, take this opportunity to dust it off and revamp it. You can create your digital Press Kit using any text editor, like Microsoft Word. Make sure to use high resolution pictures (around 300dpi) to avoid blurring or pixelation. Since this is digital, you can use links to email addresses and URL's, but be sure to double check that all of your links work properly. After completing your Word document, the next step is to lock your document and convert it to a file type that almost anyone will be able to view. You can accomplish this by converting your Word document to a PDF file. Download a free PDF writer like CutePDF Writer 2.7.

To create PDF files using CutePDF Writer 2.7:

Open your Press Kit file. Select the Print option (usually found under File > Print), and select "CutePDF Writer" from the list of available printers (DO NOT select Print to File option) to print. You will be prompted to select the destination directory and filename for your new PDF Press Kit file.

Putting your Press Kit Online

Now you're ready to upload the press kit to your Bandzoogle site. In your control panel, click on the DESIGN & OPTIONS tab. In the left menu, click on the File Manager link. Under "Upload New File:" click the Choose File button, and select your Press Kit PDF file from your computer. Next, click on the EDIT PAGES tab and select the page where you want to link to your Press Kit - this might be your Bio, Media, or it's own separate page. Add a text feature to that page, and enter text like "Click here to download our Press Kit," highlight that text, and click the link button and then Browse Server to select your Press Kit PDF file.

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Bandzoogle is hiring!

We're looking for another programming guru to join our team. If you know someone who might be interested, send them our way! More details here.
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How to create MP3 ring tones

This is a follow up to my post about creating sound clips of your music using Audacity. I found a great article about how to create ring tones in Audacity and load them onto your cell phones. You can check it out at

Once you've created an MP3 ringtone you can add it to your Album Download feature, or add a download link to a Text feature (check the HELP section for more info on this).

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