System updates in progress...

You may have noticed the lack of new features in the last few weeks. We've just received new servers (smoking fast dual processor Dells) and are setting them up now. They're about twice as fast as the older ones so you should see a performance increase. We have many new projects planned for March though, including:
  • password-protected features, such as the guestbook and file downloads
  • major new mailing list features
  • customizable mail form (you can build your own form)
  • new music player skins/features
  • 28 new templates
thanks again for your suport, and keep posting ideas and comments in the community!


Posted by Chris on 02/24/2005 | 0 comments

Guestbook HTML issues

We have had recent problems with some people posting HTML codes on guestbooks. Guestbooks now disable any HTML in them. The next step is to make guestbooks password protected, which we will set up in the next couple weeks.
Posted by Chris on 02/23/2005 | 6 comments

Music section tracks downloads

by popular request, the music section now counts downloads for your tracks. You can keep track by clicking on your "music" feature.
Posted by Chris on 02/10/2005 | 0 comments

Music feature change this Sunday...

I've noticed a lot of bands posting right click and choose "save target as..." before their tracks. Because of this, we will be changing the way the links work for music downloads. Instead of a direct link, it will open a pop up saying "right click the link to download this track". The added benefit is we will now be able to track music downloads for each track.

If you have posted "right click and save as", please remove this because when we make the change on Monday, it will not work for your visitors (it would download the page, not the track)

Posted by Chris on 02/04/2005 | 0 comments

Link function added to images

more options on the way for the "image" feature including effects and borders...
Posted by Chris on 02/03/2005 | 0 comments

New Dell servers being installed

We've just purchased some shiny new Dell dual processor servers to host member sites...
Posted by Chris on 02/02/2005 | 0 comments