Template of the week - December 21

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Template of the week - December 14

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John Lennon Songwriting Content deadline

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, one of the largest and most respected contests open to musicians is nearing its entry deadline. Submissions are due by December 15th for your chance to win... $20,000 courtesy of Maxell Corporation for the Song Of The Year, and More prizes from Apple, Mackie, Crate, Ampeg, Godin Guitars, Roland, Edirol, Boss, Discmakers, Musicians Friend, Audio Technica, Ableton, Sibelius and performance opportunities at The 2010 NAMM show and the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. Go to WWW.JLSC.COM to enter and for a complete list of prizes.
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New Bandzoogle team member

Bandzoogle is growing! Dave, an amazing programmer from the UK has become the 6th Zoogler. You've probably already seen Dave's work in the control panel -- he built the mailing list template system and help search in the past few weeks. Expect more great new features to be added in the coming weeks with help from Dave!
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Template of the week - December 5

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Site Traffic update

Websites get visited by an amazing amount of non-human visitors. They could be search engines that read you page to determine placement, or spammers whose "bots" try to post links in your Guestbook. Colin has just put in place some updates to the site traffic report system to filter all these out, so if you see a page view or a visit, you can be sure it is from a living, breathing fan, not a spam bot from Saudi Arabia. "Unique Visitors" are also more accurate now. Previously, we relied on IP addresses to determine unique visitors (this is how most stats programs work). Because some large internet providers like AOL share IP addresses for groups of people, it could result in inaccurate unique visitor numbers. As per many member requests, we stopped logging all your visits that happen via the control panel (you can still test stats by going directly to your URL though). Next, we improved the speed of displaying stats, so you can see visitors as soon as 5 minutes after they hit your page. Finally, we updated the location database, so going forward, you will have fewer "unknown" visitors (this update will only take effect at the end of the week). The net result will be that some members have reduced traffic numbers (especially those of you with guestbook pages hit by spammers). We figure it is better to provide you with the most accurate numbers rather than just boost your ego with inflated, but inaccurate visits. Let us know what you think!
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