Happy Holidays!

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the 'net,
Not a zoogler was typing
That is... not yet

For New Year's was coming
And with it more gigs
And fan lists for filling
Is it time for new digs?

Want to freshen your website
As we enter a new year?
If you run into trouble
We Zooglers still hear

For while Eli chugs egg nog
And Keif ho, ho, ho's
Chris will still be here
To answer your woes

So happy holidays
To one and to all
Whether you've been with us for years
Or just joined us this fall

We thank you for being
In the Zoogle family
From Chris, Keif, and Colin
And Eli (that's me)

Feel free to reply with your own holiday wishes (bonus points for rhyming, of course).
Posted on 12/23/2006 | 34 comments

New Feature - Google Sitemaps

Hey Folks, we've added a new feature to the control panel, which allows you to submit a sitemap to Google. A sitemap is a file which contains a list of all the pages on your site. Google will read this file and use it to add your pages to their database, which should help to make your site more visible to the world. We've made the process of submitting your sitemap to Google as simple as possible. All you need to do is login to the Control Panel, then go to the 'Search Engine Optimization' page. From there, you can click on the submission link at the bottom of the page. You can also visit this page to see when Google indexes your site. Don't panic if it doesn't happen right away, it might take a couple of days before they visit.
Posted by Colin Mitchell on 12/19/2006 | 23 comments

Beta done - thanks for the help!

The beta for the new controlpanel design is now done, and we've added all of the new features to your regular controlpanel. A big thanks to all of you (over 80 members) who sent us your suggestions, bug reports, and words of encouragement. We've got more big changes coming down the pipe, so you'll get the chance to give us a hand again soon enough. I hope your Christmas albums are selling well!
Posted on 12/11/2006 | 26 comments

Big changes coming - try the beta!

Our members often compliment us on how easy our system is to use compared with our competitors, and yet when people first start using Bandzoogle it sometime takes them a while to figure out the most basic operations: adding/removing/moving page features, adding titles to their site, adding pages, etc. And even many of our more experienced members don't realize all of the features that are available to them because they're not always obvious to find. We want Bandzoogle to be so easy to use, even your drummer's grandmother should be able to make her own website! So, we've been working hard for the past few weeks giving your controlpanel a useability face-lift. We invite you to try out this new interface as we work on it and to give us your feedback so that we can build exactly the Bandzoogle that you would like to have. To access the beta site, just go to: (Update: This beta has finished. All of the new features have now been added to your regular controlpanel.) You can edit your live site using this controlpanel, and everything should work just fine. There may be a few little glitches (we're still working on it), so please let us know if you run into any problems. Don't worry, you can switch back to this version of Bandzoogle at any time. If any of you REALLY want to give us a hand, get your grandmother/nephew/santa to try the beta Bandzoogle control panel over the holidays and let us know how it went (granzoogle, here we come). Post a link to their sites as a comment to this thread so we can all take a look! Some of the changes that you'll notice in the beta: - The "edit page" screen is completely different. You can now get a great overview of what is on your page at a glance, and you can change the titles and features without having to go to another page. You can also re-order features and move them between pages! - The members section has been moved out to its own tab, and we've gotten rid of the old members menu screen. - You can now see an overview of all of your site font and design settings on a single screen, so you can easily adjust everything to look just right. - There are some changes to the "look" of the controlpanel, and we're likely going to make some more before we are done. - You can now edit your intro page "enter site" link. - See what else you can find!
Posted on 12/07/2006 | 32 comments