simple black template added

By popular demand, we added a black version of the previous simple style. Let us know what styles you would like to see next by posting in the Suggestion Box section of the Community.

Posted by Chris on 11/28/2007 | 21 comments

Another "simple" site style added

Posted by Chris on 11/22/2007 | 17 comments

Custom fonts for Pro members

As your band matures it develops a distinctive sound, personality, and look. Fans know exactly who they're listening to when your track comes on the radio. They recognize your posters, your CD covers, even your website. A big part of this distinctive look can come from choosing a font that really expresses your band's style. Imagine AC/DC's logo without the lightening bolt, or KISS without the... uh... lightening bolts. Some of our more established members have chosen such a font (with or without lightening bolts) and asked us to let them use it on their Bandzoogle website, to give their site that extra professional touch. We listened, and today we've added the ability for Pro members to upload and use their own fonts for their website's headers, subheaders, and buttons. To add your fonts, just go to the normal font chooser (in the "Design" section), and click on "My fonts". We currently support the most common font format, True Type Fonts, or TTF. You can download thousands of great TTF fonts for free from the Internet. There are some terrible free fonts out there too, some of which may not work with our system. If you have any problems, please fill out a support ticket and let us know. Enjoy! Feel free to put some links to your favorite font download sites in a comment to this post.
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New "simple" site style added

We'll be adding more styles in the next few days!

Posted by Chris on 11/08/2007 | 20 comments

New stock image system

Just a small system update; we've updated the "stock image" options in the header image section.

There are a lot more images, and they are grouped by category. For those of you who don't want a big band photo as your site header, there are some interesting choices. We'll add many more in the future.

Another bonus is that they use images that are licensed under "Creative Commons". This means you're free to use the images in posters and other artwork, provided you give credit to the photographer.

Posted by Chris on 11/02/2007 | 13 comments