100 band promotion ideas

Stumbled across a blog post full of great promo ideas. A sample: #7: Email lists must be your religion. Put your list sign-up visibly on the top half of the front page and watch the list grow #9: Make your web site a destination by keeping it updated and including news, giveaways, polls and things to make it worth visiting regularly. #29: Add blogs to your website by various band members to help keep content fresh. Check out the full list here.
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Universal Music Sues MySpace

If you haven't heard already, MySpace is being sued by Universal Music Group. Should I leave you all guessing as to why? OK. No more suspense. The lawsuit claims that MySpace allows its users to upload videos illegally. Click here to read more. UMG also claims that the company has "made infringement free and easy, turning MySpace videos into a vast virtual warehouse for pirated copies of music videos and song" As you can imagine music videos are not cheap to make and serve as a form of advertising for the band. It's almost safe to say that music videos are the band's advertisments. There have been a lot of negative comments concerning labels amongst many musicians. I'm not too sure whether this story makes you feel sympathy for UMG or not. I'd like to hear your comments. Keep one thing in mind. Imagine UMG just signed you. What would you expect from them? Most likely you'd think they'd record your album, make a video for your first single, then put you on tour. Seems like the normal course of business. What if all of a sudden they turned to you and a told you "Sorry, we're not going to record your album because no one's going to buy it" or "Sorry, no video because no one's going to watch it on TV"? Another thing to consider is this. Why would people request your song or video on the radio or TV if they could get it online whenever they wanted for free?
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New template added

Check the latest template addition.
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Indie band loses Myspace page

An indie band called Bones lost their Myspace page, after Fox used the site for a new TV show. Luckily for the band, there was enough press to force them to reconsider. I have heard many similar stories that didn't end positively for the band though. More details here.
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Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en!

(the picture is of Chris' front porch display)
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