New file manager

We've created a new file manager that will give all members more control over all the files they have loaded to their sites. The new file manager will also allow you to manage the amount of storage space you use. If there are older files that you loaded once upon a time that you no longer need, you easily delete them.

Check out the new file manager by clicking the "file manager" link under ADVANCED FEATURES in your control panel.

As always, your comments are most welcomed.

Posted by Keif on 10/28/2005 | 7 comments

Indie music guide to check out

Hey everyone,

Our friend  Daylle Schwartz has a new book called "I don't need a record deal".  It is full of great info for indie musicians.  You may have read her previous book, "Start and run your own record label" which is a classic that helped hundreds of musicans release their albums independantly.  If you are interested in learning about how to tour, license your music and market your band you should check it out!  Her website also  links to important resources you may not have heard about.

Posted by Chris on 10/27/2005 | 2 comments

Control Panel updates

Hey Everyone,

we changed a lot of the "guts" of the system today to make room for expansion.  As such you may run into some little bugs in the control panel.  We're working them out now.  If you run into anything, please fill out a help request.


Posted by Chris on 10/20/2005 | 6 comments

Mail server issues resolved

The mail server issues have been resolved.   
Posted by Chris on 10/19/2005 | 1 comment

Mail server issues

We're having a problem with one of our email servers.  At the moment, you will not be able to receive email or use the mailing list.  We are working to resolve this now.
Posted by Chris on 10/19/2005 | 6 comments

New photo crop tool

Just added a new photo cropper that is much faster and easier to use.  It will tell you which photos in your library are right for your template, and which need cropping.  It also doesn't copy over the original files so you can always "undo".  Finally, it should work in most MAC browsers!
Posted by Chris on 10/12/2005 | 5 comments