Back-end upgrade

We're in the middle of testing some pretty major back-end upgrades for Bandzoogle right now. Ideally you shouldn't notice the change at all (boring, I know), but if you do notice something not working quite right please do let us know and we'll fix it right away. We've been planning for this upgrade for a long time and it's an important step toward some of the changes that we have in store for this year. Thanks for your understanding!
Posted on 01/26/2007 | 26 comments

mail server update today

We will be upgrading our mail server today. For a few short periods during the upgrade, you will not be able to access your emails. The system will still receive mails, so you will not lose any. This upgrade is necessary to improve the overall reliability of your email.
Posted by Chris on 01/16/2007 | 11 comments

Spam protection for mailing list signups

Ah spam... So tasty, but so bad for you. We've had quite a few members tell us that spam bots have been signing up to their mailing lists (mostly addresses lately). One of the most effective ways to stop spam bots is using something called a "Captcha"--a form where you type a word that appears in an image. This is a simple task for humans, but very difficult for spam bots. Now, when someone tries to sign up to your mailing list (either on your Bandzoogle site, or using HTML code that you've pasted on another site), they'll be presented with a captcha form in a popup window. Once they fill in the captcha form they'll be subscribed to your list. We tried hard to make it an easy process--goodness knows you don't want to discourage people from signing up to your mailing list! One small step for Bandzoogle... giant stomp on the heads of those spam bots!
Posted on 01/10/2007 | 21 comments